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Reading Workshop: Q&A from the Hello Literacy Inbox

September 17, 2016

Hi Jen!

I have followed you for a long time and have always been inspired by your work.

I have been teaching for the last eight years and am entering my first year in third grade. I'm wondering if you can help me...


10 Strategies for Making Summer Reading a Reality for Your Students

No doubt summer reading is one of the most important activities kids can do in the summer for their own academic achievement. However, for many students, especially students in low-income family households, summer reading rarely occurs for one very strong reason.....


End of the Year Memory Books

The end of the year can be a bittersweet, crazy, reminiscent time of year. Your students have learned so much, you have developed special relationships with each and every one of your...


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. This Tuesday was National Teacher Day. From the looks of Facebook and Instagram, some of you have been spoiled rotten, and I'm so glad.  Teachers work hard, and in my opinion...


5 Reasons Why Teachers & Students LOVE Flocabulary

Do you teach vocabulary? How do you teach it?  Did you know that "there is no one best method for vocabulary instruction." (National Reading Panel, 2000). And, did you also know that...

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