Revised Post: Reading Interventions...No More Than a Strategy

Found lots of  reading instruction and intervention resources today at this literacy site for Hall County Schools in Georgia.  Some of the forms look  tedious and cumbersome, but the intervention resources under the RTI Literacy Notebook look great AND useful.  

Although this list, found at the Reading Rockets website, is not a "complete" list of reading strategies/reading interventions, it is, however, a somewhat comprehensive list of research based strategies/interventions for each of the five BIG AREAS of reading... phonological  awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.  Not only are the strategies sorted by reading area, there is a distinction if the strategy is best suited for "before reading," "during reading" and/or "after reading" AND if best completed whole group, small group and/or individually.  Each strategy is hot linked to a full page description of the strategy purpose and procedure...some have videos and others include pdf's of downloadable materials.  For new teachers, this list is comprehensive enough to target areas of need for both enrichment and remediation.  In fact, these reading strategies are perfectly appropriate reading interventions necessary to help students in the RTI process where targeting a specific skill and foundational literacy deficit is found to be needed.   Regular classroom reading strategies such as the ones above ARE reading interventions we use regularly in RTI at Lake Myra.

The biggest RTI pill to swallow is understanding that the I in RTI is not a person, place or's a strategy....a specific, targeted reading deficit that we are trying to fill, in foundational order, where the intervention lasts between 5-10 minutes 3-5 times a week.   If it's not the most foundation deficit, then it's like trying fill a higher hole in a bucket that still has lower holes to fill....for more information about how we do RTI at Lake Myra, see my RTI blog post

Reading Rockets Reading Strategies


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Another great website for reading interventions is (Florida Center for Reading Research). I am an RtI/Intervention Coach in Florida and I use this site frequently!

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