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Wordle made by First Graders with character trait words generated from the story, portrayed by the main character, Alejandro.  Alejandro's Gift by Richard E. Albert.  Available at Amazon for .01 & found a Vocabulary PPT for the book online...there is really quite a lot of resources on the Internet for this title.  The kids really enjoyed it, it's simple and sweet, no frills or nonsense.  I highly recommend it. 

 I created this Wordle using only letters from the alphabet in three letter string combinations and imported it into a Smartboard Notebook file.  The intention was to create a Smartboard literacy center for Kindergarten.  After modeling, students would follow these directions:
1. Put a circle around an "m"
2. Put a triangle around an "a"
3. Put a square around an "s"
4. Put a rectangle around an "l"....etc.

 A great activity for the first day of school or any day of the year, it's literacy and math.  

Really, the Wordle possibilities are endless....leave a comment and let everyone know www.wordle.net how you use Wordle to enhance literacy instruction in your class. 


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