21 Things That Will Be Obsolete in Education in 2020

I was particulary fascinated with this blog post titled, 21 Things That will be Obsolete in Education by 2020.  Through Twitter, I've noticed it has resurfaced on different sites.  It is obviously an opinion piece, however, it is interesting and food for 21st century thought.   It left me with some lingering questions.....

How old is the person in your district that continues to place furniture orders? 
I work in a very large district that continues to open new schools every year....are we outfitting new schools with 21st century technology and 20th century furniture and architecture? Mmmmm.

Are the university professors who are "preparing" future teachers, modeling and integrating 21st century skills and technology (including web 2.0 tools) that will be expected of those teachers once they get hired.

The face and future of education is rapidly changing....is EVERYONE on board?


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