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On Monday, March 14th, I gave a presentation with my four classmates and my professor in the MAED READ program through ECU. Here is a link to the handout from our session.

Hot Tech Tools for Literacy Instruction Handout

From left: Thea Johnson, me, Sandy Brannan, Dr. Swaggerty, Megon Ormond

On Tuesday, March 15, I gave a presentation with Dawn Reynolds, a 2nd grade teacher from my school. We only gave out one handout and a short piece of text that was used for an activity, but I wanted to share some other resources for Reciprocal Teaching. I have uploaded more handouts and resources to my professional e-portfolio which you are free download if you is the link:

In our presentation, we also shared several sources for finding short text as Reciprocal Teaching works best with short pieces of text. Here is a link my one of earlier blog posts about where to find online based text.

In our presentation, we also showed a short clip of a guided reading lesson where a teacher was leading the students in the strategies of Reciprocal Teaching.  Here is a link to that video:

If you have any questions about our presentations, please feel free to email any one of us.  Our email addresses are on the last slide of our presentations.  

From left: Dawn Reynolds, me

The best part about presenting at the conference was getting to listen to the opening Key Note Speaker, Lester of my favorite children's authors.


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