Summarizing with Twitter

Another super 21st century way to get kids excited about Summarizing is to Twitter.  Certainly, a Web 2.0 tool, Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that allows you answer the question, "What are you doing? [right now]" in our case, at school, we are micro-blogging to answer the question, "What are you learning, right now?"  We started our account yesterday and have used it so far in one of my four reading groups, with 3rd graders.  They had all heard of Twitter, but had not tweeted themselves.  When I told them what it was and what it was used for, they got very excited.  They were challenged with the 140 character limit, and made the anology that it was like making GIST statements...and that choosing important  powerful words to get your message across was essential.   We'd love to find other students/classes that are tweeting about their learning, so follow us @mrsjonesotters on Twitter and we'll follow you.


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