Happy New (School) Year!

Many of you have seen the above picture in my picasa web album for years and have emailed me for the document....here is a public link.

Here are few more freebies and other posters to get your room off to a positive start.

Morning Meeting Poster

Here is a list of books to launch Reader's Workshop...all reading related:

For those of you with CD players in your classroom and a listening center for students to listen to reading, here is a sign so students can manage the center more independently.

Our school also has a Meet the Teacher event a couple of days before school starts...really just a time for parent, students and teachers to meet and greet each other and for students to peek into their classroom.  Here are some documents that you may find helpful during this event including a Smartboard slide with a Classroom Giving Tree....add sticky notes to it with words like Kleenex, hand sanitizer, cardstock, labels, ziploc bags, a wagon, etc., and see what parents are willing to donate...you'd be surpised!

Guided Reading Videos: I have two 30-minute guided reading videos on my helloliteracy website.  
One lesson is a first grade guided reading lesson with a level 4 book, that was recorded on the first day of first grade.  The second video was recorded in February of first grade, using a level 14 text.  

Also, don't forget to download the free Pinterest app on iTunes.
There have several updates to this app since last week, and it works much better.  If you need an invite, just email me at helloliteracy@gmail.com



Wendi said...

Wow - thank you for this buffet of goodies. :)

Louanne said...

I found your blog! You have sooo many wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing! I realized that I have followed your stuff for several years!! :)
My Kindergarten Kids

sarah anne said...

Hello Jennifer! I am about to start teaching grade one for the first time and I am so glad that I came across your amazingly helpful blog! I was trying to download your meet the teacher documents (as I am a little nervous about these start of the year activities...) and when I clicked on it, it did nothing! Any suggestions?

Jennifer Jones said...

Just a note to everyone...I uploaded the Meet the Teacher documents in Google Chrome, so if you're having any trouble, try downloading then in Google Chrome. If you still have trouble, let me know.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I just discovered it and printed out the write it, build it, decorate it paper to use as a center for the upcoming year. I am also your newest follower so I will be checking back for more ideas!

Holly said...

I just found your blog! I love it!

Ginger Snaps said...

I just stumbled on your blog! Our school is implementing readers workshop this year, but we haven't been trained on all the elements yet, so I am a little iffy about going into it this year!

Jennifer Jones said...

@Ginger Snaps, I have a lot of Readers Workshop resources, including 20-25 mini-lessons per strategy, on my original website, www.hellofirstgrade.com.

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