Classroom Spaces

Aside from the content knowledge and student learning objectives, classroom design ranks pretty high up there when it comes to planning and designing your year.  Not only are classroom spaces important but they set the mood and tone of your classroom.  Benches, rugs, unique chairs, stools and crates, can turn simple into a center.  I was inspired by Jessica Meacham's writing center so I created one similar to hers {picture below}...the great thing about a fun writing center is that it's very motivating for reluctant writers....and a "stocked" writing center makes it so easy to "fix it and fancy it up"!

  I was inspired by all the lamps in Debbie Miller's classroom that I searched one summer for as many cute lamps as I could find and even made a candy lamp myself.

  Well designed classroom spaces make students feel important, and teaching students how to care for and clean up those areas teaches them pride in their workspace, giving them a sense of accomplishment, safety and a warm classroom culture.  

Keeping your classroom neat and organized sends a message to children that everything is special and important.  If we value keeping the books in the classroom library straight and orderly, then students will see the value in books...if we don't care what the classroom library looks like, with books backwards, upside down, out of place and disorderly bins, then students won't care either, sort of like this one below.

Even adding a simple rug creates another cozy classroom space.  In the spirit of Montessori, have a basket full of rolled up rugs/mats that students unroll to create their own classroom space or "just right spot" and put away when finished. 



Ginger Snaps said...

Your room is beatiful! I love how neat your baskets are!!

Amanda said...

Just found your blog! You have some great resources posted! Thanks for sharing!

Frolicking Through First

Merry Sunshine said...

I love your writing space! A couple of questions: 1. What font did you use for the story/recipe... labels? 2. What is in the green baskets? 3. What is in the white drawers and the black file? Thanks so much!

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