Teaching Web 2.0 Tools for Higher Level Thinking

This year, in addition to my reading intervention groups and my IRT duties, I teach one special a day...all first grade classes rotate through by the end of the week and the name of this special is 21st Century Learning.  In addition to Technology projects and covering the NC Essential Technology Standards, we incorporate the 4C's...the Super Skills of the 21st Century, with grade level content and cross-curricular projects.  Since Wordle is one of many useful and easy to use Web 2.0 tools on the internet, it's one I want to learn and use a lot by the end of first grade.   Today, I found a wordle in the public Wordle gallery...the one shown above ( did not create it nor do I claim to have created it)  Mrs. Butler's class is also working on learning what the vocabulary word, "attribute" means...below is a picture of the anchor from that vocabulary lesson...so it was a word they were familiar with:

After displaying the red, white and blue wordle, I asked them to describe everything about it and it's attributes like word color, word size, word shape, word direction, background, word meanings...as they brainstormed, I recorded students (in front of the class in real time) on Audacity, a free download, exported the audio file and a screenshot of the wordle into Windows Movie Maker.  It's 50 seconds long, but you can watch it here.

Identifying Characteristics of Wordles

Here is our finished product.

Because this special isn't just about playing fun games on the iPads or typing words into wordle to make a pretty display of words, we work hard to incorporate the other initiatives we already use at Lake Myra like Marzano's Classroom Instruction That Works, Building Thinking Skills, Daily Analogies and Bloom's Taxonomy.  Below are some posters and books we use schoolwide at Lake Myra Elementary.  

The five thinking skills outlined in this program are:



Bethany said...

I found the Bloom's posters on Pinterest- thank you so much for putting them online! I have been working so hard to get higher level questions into my normal routine, and this helps! Also, my first graders have been able to use the question starters to ask questions when they play Read-N-Review with their teammates!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not finding the Bloom's posters. Can you post the actual link please.

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