My Blog Bucket is FULL

A warm bucket-filling thank you to Mrs. Durbin over at 3rd Grade's A Hoot and Mrs. Pitner over at Pitner's Potpourri for awarding me the Top 10 Blogs Award.

My bucket is brimming with gratitude!

On an adult note, the bucket filling philosophy is not just for kids.  The following book is a great read for grown-ups who also want to be bucket fillers not just at school but in their daily lives.  I highly recommend it and it takes only about 45 minutes to read the whole book! Well worth it! Truuuuuuust me! 

Thank you! I love it!



Jess said...

Good for you! I love the positive feeling I get from a compliment, a smile, and this blogging community! Bucket filling is great :)
Rambling About Reading

Barbara said...

Congrats on your Top Ten NOD!!! You do GREAT work. I LOVE the grown-up Bucket book . . . . and the droplets of water inside . . . for affirmations! A must-read for every educator. And the Strengths Finder is such a bonus.

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