Mrs. Meacham, My Inspiration....You Rock!

As I was awarded The Sunshine Award this month for sharing inspiring ideas....I couldn't let the award go by without giving a shout-out to my friend (now) and virtual colleague, Jessica Meacham, web author of her own AMAZING website,

Before I had a web presence, it was Jessica Meacham that encouraged me to start a website and thus, was born.   Since then, Mrs. Meacham, has become a good friend of mine and a teacher with whom I admire and respect.  Not to mention she gives EVERYTHING away that she creates for  FREE!!! And, she creates a TON.  Her most impressive resources are her SMARTboard files, which can be found {HERE}. 

And these are just a FEW! Thanks Jessica, for all you do, and all you snap, upload and share!!! But, most of all, thanks for your inspiration and dedication to helping other teachers!

Happy Reading!


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