Happy New (School) Year!

Many of you have seen the above picture in my picasa web album for years and have emailed me for the document....here is a public link.

Here are few more freebies and other posters to get your room off to a positive start.

Morning Meeting Poster

Here is a list of books to launch Reader's Workshop...all reading related:

For those of you with CD players in your classroom and a listening center for students to listen to reading, here is a sign so students can manage the center more independently.

Our school also has a Meet the Teacher event a couple of days before school starts...really just a time for parent, students and teachers to meet and greet each other and for students to peek into their classroom.  Here are some documents that you may find helpful during this event including a Smartboard slide with a Classroom Giving Tree....add sticky notes to it with words like Kleenex, hand sanitizer, cardstock, labels, ziploc bags, a wagon, etc., and see what parents are willing to donate...you'd be surpised!

Guided Reading Videos: I have two 30-minute guided reading videos on my helloliteracy website.  
One lesson is a first grade guided reading lesson with a level 4 book, that was recorded on the first day of first grade.  The second video was recorded in February of first grade, using a level 14 text.  

Also, don't forget to download the free Pinterest app on iTunes.
There have several updates to this app since last week, and it works much better.  If you need an invite, just email me at helloliteracy@gmail.com



Oh, How Pinteresting!

Anyone Pinterested? Thanks to my good friend, @jessicameacham, for sending me an invitation to Pinterest. Visual bookmarks....pins.  I'm hooked.  Here's my Pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/hellojenjones/
And it looks something like this:

Of course, this is just a screenshot of my boards and pins, but if you don't immediately love it, stick with it...it's totally addicting!  You can join two ways...one by putting your name on a waiting list (I really don't know what that's all about...) or you can be invited by someone that already has a Pinterest account. Leave a comment to this post with your email address, and I'll "invite" you.  It's sooooooooo cool! You're gonna love it!  



I Spy Cut-Apart Cards

Just found these cute letter cards at http://www.popheartpress.blogspot.com/.  Download the set yourself here.
What I really like about these cut-apart cards is that students can create their own letter dictionaries and create their own graphic representations or find pictures in a magazine.  Would also be need to create a class A Book, B Book, etc....lots of open-ended possibilities...and tons of cool ideas at this blog, too!


Identifying Similarities & Differences PPT

Last year, we started a schoolwide book study of Classroom Instruction That Works by Marzano & Pickering.  Instead of doing a chapter a month, we are moving along at a much slower, deeper pace...a chapter a year.  Since we opened two years ago, we have covered two chapters very deeply.  The Effort & Recognition chapter and the Identifying Similarities and Differences chapter.  The benefits of going quality vs. quantity have definitely paid off and the students are seeing the value of their effort pay off in their increased achievement this year.  Level 4 effort has a whole new meaning, and every student knows what a "rubric" is.  Second graders can identify nine different types of analogies and venn diagrams are all over the place.  Enjoy this presentation as you dive into Marzano's high yield strategies.


Common Core Standards App - Free

Free common core standards app from iTunes...while it won't do the work for you, it will certainly make it convenient for you to find the standards in a few seconds.  Get it for the Android here.

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