Loving My New iPad!

So, I'm having a ton of fun with my new iPad.  I love my iPhone so much and all the teachers are getting iPads next year, I didn't want to miss out on the action.  We already have 10 iPads and 30 iPods available for student projects and we are purchasing more iPads next year.  Being at a 21st century school is so cool!! 

My Favorite iPad Apps (right now):
Blogger Mobile
Appsfire Deals
Sticky Notes
Google Talk

Apps I Want to Check Out:
Scholastic Reading Timer
NASA Visualization Explorer
Look and Learn: Animals Vol. 1
Little Stars - Word Wizard
Little Solver - Preschool Logic Game
Comparative Adjectives
i See-quence...Going to the Playground
EZ Common Core
iLiveMath Entomology
iLiveMath Animals of Africa
A Montessori Approach To Math
Kid's Patterns
Fluency Timer

My favorite NEW interactive app with my iPad is iFontMaker...literacy make your own fonts, it's so cool.  I've made several so far and it's soooo easy to use, like magic! Here are my fonts so far:

Here is the direct link to my signature font, Hello Firstie.
The copyright for all my fonts are set to Creative Commons (public domain). 

And, I've added a new doodle bundle border to my TpT store called Sribble Doodle Borders.

Here's a free sample, feel free to right click and "Save As"...

Happy Reading!



Sheri said...

Love, Love, Love my ipad too:) Thanks for all the great App suggestions....I'm on it!!!


Lori said...

I LOVE, LOVE my ipad too! So much fun and so much to discover! Thanks for sharing the border. :)
Conversations in Literacy

Josh Bennett said...

Jennifer - How exciting for you! My school gave me an iPad to "play with" over the summer and I'm having a blast checking out a lot of the apps you've listed. You've also listed some I have not heard of yet. Thanks for the suggestions! :)

Mr. B's Beach Brains

Tania said...

I got one for Christmas :) I have to check out some of your faves.
5 weeks 'til track out...I mean...next school year :)
My Second Sense

Anonymous said...

My principal gave me 2. I teach k. I have mastered the smart board now but not sure what to do with the ipads for the classroom. I you or anyone has suggestions I would love it.

EveryNewBeginning said...

Jealous about the IPad! I am bookmarking your suggestions- Lucky for me my school has one for us to share. Most people are still a little scared of it :)

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Ms. Chrissy B said...

Thanks for sharing your freebie! Very cute.
New follower :)
Buzzing with Ms. B

Anonymous said...

The district I work for purchased several
iPads for my classroom but it hasn't been quite the experience we were hoping for. How does your district handle the purchasing of apps or even adding free ones and how do they manage the constant updates?

Thanks for the info! :)

Anonymous said...

You will love Edmodo!!! I just started using it at the end of year. I had students simply type responses to my posts, participate in polls, link to curriculum sites, read passages, take a short quiz, and more. They are posting with one another as well. Yesterday was our last day of school and when I opened Edmodo this morning it was full of their postings and responses for one another!

Mandy said...

I love, love, love the Hello Firstie font! Thank you so much for sharing! I am not familiar with the 2ttf.com site. What are the terms of use for your fonts? I want to make sure to use them the "right" way, if this makes sense!
Thanks again!

Michelle Rist said...

Love all your borders and fonts! I'm a new follower!

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