Do Teachers Sleep?

Since most of you know I'm tracked out, you can imagine all I'm up to! Well maybe don't do that? It really has been a sweet break so far. I had no trips planned on purpose, and I have really enjoyed getting "caught up" on the personal professional stuff, like this blog and stuff for TpT.   Did you all hear about Deanna Jump? First grade teacher extraordinaire! The first "teacher millionaire"...EVER! And I'm sure not the last. This is an uplifting segment and sure to make you feel good! What a teacher trailblazer!

 Teachers Pay Teachers is really a fantastic site. I know most of you know about it because you follow me here and there, too...and I really can't thank you enough and many of you sell, too. It seems to be a very close community, as teachers are, so that is very cool.  I really do enjoy what I do, but never EVER imagined I'd make some extra money selling my stuff.  I do go out of my way to put on high quality, high thinking, and high yield learning lessons, rubrics, assessments and activities up there.  You will never find me repackaging old worksheets with cute clip art and a fancy border. I'm not knocking cute clip art and fancy borders (hey, I make them, too)-- it's the lower level thinking worksheets that you must be careful of. (Speaking of, I've had huge success with my Bloom's Thinking grab yourself a set if you haven't already).  I make my own borders and fonts because I feel design and product appeal is very important. If you create your own lessons and classroom projects, I encourage you to become a TpT seller, too.  If you don't know how to get started,  just create an account and go! The site is very simple and easy to navigate and walks you through the entire "uploading a lesson" process.

In Deanna's honor, I have created a new font for her (and anyone)...Hello Deanna!
You can grab it in my sidebar or HERE.  

So as you all know, I'm tracked out which has really been great. Like I said, it has given me a real chance to catch up and now that my youngest is in ice skating camp all week, I'm taking a stacation (stay+vacation) on my couch, parked up with my laptop, blogging with you and uploading a backlog of things to TpT. If you know me in real life, you know I don't stay down for very long, so these days have been quite productive. In fact, here's a tweet I got last week from my friend Lacy in New York:

And a text from my friend and 5th grade teacher, Leslie Meadows...she's beginning to think I'm a vampire.

I'm really not a vampire, but I do have to stay that I've have been staying up later than normal AND waking up at 5:30AM, my normal time, to maximize all the hours in the grass growing here! And I've even made dinner for my family 4/7 nights so far...which if you know me, is VERY good for me!  

Seriously, when do *you* get it all done?

((((({new}fonts and products added to my sidebar today))))



Deedee Wills said...

Love it!!!

Mrs. Goodwin said...

So cool that you made a Deanna Jump font. I agree about all the cool stuff on Teachers pay Teachers and it is fun to make some extra money too! I have been inspired and new life brought back into my classroom from all the creative ideas from blogs, Pinterest and Teachers pay Teachers.


Deanna Jump said...

You are too sweet! I'm so excited about the font. It isn't every day that you can say you've had a font named after you! In the teaching world that is BIG! You totally ROCK! Thank you so much! :)

Jennifer Jones said...

I know, isn't it great! AND a Deanna Jump font to boot! I figured it was the least I could do for *her*-- she's done so much for us!

Jennifer Jones said...

Well, it was the least I could do for *you* have done more for us than you'll ever know! And, it just matches how BIG you are to us! Ok, I did change the a and the e, they were bugging me. You can always retrieve it at
AND I can't thank you enough for using & linking my fonts in your products, that is HUGE!...and I soooo appreciate that too! Wow, so much gratitude in the room. Thanks again! :-) Have a sparking day!

Mandy T. said...

This was too funny! I was leading a pd with some fellow teachers on how to utilize pinterest and blogs as teaching tools. I had to share what a small world it was that you had blogged about a tweet from Lacy! All of the teachers know Lacy from our community! They were blown away with what a small world it was! Just had to share!

Jennifer Jones said...

OMG! That is so cool! Thanks for completing the circle, very neat!

tara thompson-ward said...

so in love with your fonts! as far as getting it all done... there are never enough hours in the day! :) but i do my best :)

Mrs. Goodwin said...

You've just been boo-ed. This is a fun linky party check it out. I just started downloading your fonts this week. I made a fun free Halloween verb activity with the Deanna Jump font.

Check out my post to see what you need to do for the linky.


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