Hello Fonts - {New} Commercial Use License

I'm pleased to now offer a one time, life time commercial use license for all hello fonts.  

Here are the Terms of Use: 

This single user license allows you to use Hello fonts--past, present (55 fonts to date), and all future Hello fonts commercially in products you make and sell for profit.  Choosing to give credit within your product is up to youbut it is not required. (A license is included if you choose to give credit and want to use the image). I will update this font bundle frequently or you can find new fonts and download them individually here on my blog once you've purchased a commercial license.  

(font used here is Hello Millionaire) 



luckeyfrog said...

Hi Jen!
I thought I had read your fonts terms of use some time ago and that they were free to use with credit. I have only used your fonts in a freebie (because I don't sell on TpT or TN yet), but I'm thinking about selling at some point and I want to make sure I'm following the rules! Now that there is a commercial license for sale, I'm worried I might not be :)

I am having a hard time finding the terms of use for your fonts to double-check- is there still a link in your sidebar? I can't find it.

http://luckeyfrogslilypad.blogspot.com/2012/10/booed-with-links-to-5-freebies.html You can find the Trick Or Treat game where I used your font here. Could you please check if it's credited properly?

Thank you! I love your fonts :)

Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

Jennifer Jones said...

Hi Jenny! Thank you for asking BTW. Your freebie game is super cute, love it!! Really. To answer your question, anything you made before 10-31-2012, whether for free or for sale only required credit. It's up to you if you want to purchase a license for that stuff, but you don't have to. I only ask that you purchase a commercial license from if you use my fonts in any product you make and sell for profit from 11-1-2012 forward. The new terms for each license are in the product description box of each at TpT (for both a free/non-commercial use and Commercial use) i hope this helps clear things up! Jen

Cindy said...

HI Jen,
Thanks for clearing that up. I used some of your fonts previously and gave the credit too.
Love your work by the way! ;-)


Annie Brown said...

Friends have directed me your way. Cute fonts -- I'm a lifer! Can't wait to use them. Thank you for such a generous package.

The Red Brick Road Teacher

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