Response to Intervention at Our School-Updated

Here at Lake Myra Elementary School, we have been implementing RTI for three years.  We were a brand new school when we opened our doors three years ago for the first time, so we feel we had a unique opportunity to get RTI off the ground by designing and weaving RTI into the other systems and structures already in place within our school district like PLT's, Digging Deeper Assessments & AIMSweb. The RTI forms and structures we have put in place may not work with you and your district, but they may help you in some way.  Although we use AIMSweb for universal screening and progress monitoring (AIMSweb was born out of Dibels - for the most part, same CBM's and PM probes) we also use some of the reading comprehension passages from The one document that we created last year really helped everyone understand the process of taking a child through RTI--it is a "training wheels" document called the Otter Talk form (some schools call it Kid Talk)--once a teacher has mastered using this form and understands all the fields, they were ready to begin progress monitoring online using the Caseload Manager wizard in Aimsweb.  Below is a screenshot of an Otter Talk Form for 2nd Grade in Reading.

Below is a short video I narrated to explain some of the recording keeping and data notebooks kept by teachers in the RTI process.  Some teachers prefer to keep their progress monitoring data in hard copy form and never switch to progress monitoring online. This video may help you see one teacher's record keeping.

The digging deeper assessments we use to find foundational areas of need are:
Letter/Sound ID
 P.A.S.T. (Phonological Awareness Skills Test)
Early Names Test
Names Test
High Frequency Word List
Running Record - Oral Reading & Oral Retelling

In the past, I've shared the RTI documents by LMES by asking you to email me...but this has gotten difficult to manage. I don't mind sharing these documents with you, your school and your school's RTI team, but I have created a different way to manage the document requests. Below is a Google Doc, complete the information to request a link to a Dropbox account to all the RTI Documents created by LMES.  These documents are licensed under Creative Commons, so if you re-use or re-mix them, please give proper attribution.

Here's an analogy for you: Dropbox : Internet : : My Documents : Your Device 

It's like a jump drive in the sky IF you choose to download the free Dropbox software, which I highly recommend if file sharing with yourself is important. You can also download it for free on as many devices as you have still with only one account.  I can log in to Dropbox from my iPhone, my iPad, my school laptop and my home laptop.  I don't work for Dropbox but it's slicker than Google Docs for file sharing.

Also, IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: Once you request a link below to the "RTI Documents by LMES" shared folder, you have the same access to the folder as I do. Good thing is, you can share the link then with other teacher friends in your building, which I don't mind you doing.  You can also download all the documents in the folder which I don't mind you doing, however BE CAREFUL, the delete button is right next to the download button and unfortunately, this has happened before.  Please be a good digital steward of this file, these documents, and this Dropbox folder.



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