Word Chunks Wall Posters for Spelling & Phonics Instruction

Whether you're teaching in the primary classroom, reading intervention or homeschooling your little one, you'll need to teach your students how to identify and recognize word chunks.  Regardless of the the phonics or spelling program you are using, these word chunk posters can be displayed, either one at a time as they occur in the word learning for the week and/or then displayed up somewhere in your classroom as an anchor for their learning.  For years, I have taught phonics through the teaching of word chunks (some programs like Open Court call them Sound/Spelling patterns) but whatever program you use, these vowel and consonant letter combinations are essential letter patterns for your little ones to know and be able to apply.

 In fact, if you are implementing the Common Core standards this year, the use and teaching of these word chunks correlate to the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade standard of Reading: Foundational Skill - Phonics and Word Recognition, sub-standard 3: "Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words."

So, because I have had so much success with teaching word chunks as a part of my phonics instruction, I have created an updated set of work chunk posters and quick reference sheet for you and your students.  The other part of my phonics instruction (using the Month by Month Phonics curriculum by Patricia Cunningham) is the weekly word wall words.  I have created a week by week sequence for the word wall words which I am in the process of updating as well and get up for download soon.  These word chunks however, can be used as a stand-alone product, with Word Wall Phonics Instruction (like Month by Month Phonics) or with whatever spelling and phonics program your school currently uses, if anything.

I cannot tell you the joy and confidence your students will have when they recognize these word chunks in their books, poems, homework, everywhere....and they won't be shy in giving them a 'shout-out'..."Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones...that's one of our word chunks!" they will proudly declare.

 I have provided a preview for you to see what you're getting, so please be sure and check that out. If you have any questions about them or anything else in this post, please do not hesitate to email me at helloliteracy@gmail.com.

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Easy, Simple & Cute. Period.

Are you looking for **EASY, SIMPLE & CUTE*** simple ways to dress up your class papers, parent letters, homework and classroom hand-outs or worksheets?  I have just finished creating the sweetest little set of page borders...I think you're really going to like them.  There are 30 borders, 3 sets in 10 different colors in this product bundle...all for $2.00.  My terms of use are easy and simple, too....after purchase, you are free to use the borders in anything you create for free or for sale, with an acknowledgement, and if possible, a link. Here is the product sample:

Check them out HERE, along with my other Doodle border sets.

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Student Contact Information Card {English & Spanish} Not Fancy, Just Plain and Simple!

Every busy teacher needs a quick way to get a hold of parents, whether it's by phone, note or email. This Student Contact Information Card is a not exactly {CUTE}...although I did use my very own Hello Doodle Print font, in addition to a free one I downloaded online, Ad Lib. The best part of this card is that it's available in both English and Spanish, two cards per sheet, and there is a Home Communication Log to run on the back (although that is not shown here).  Even if you are not a classroom teacher, but you see students throughout the day, like a specialist, reading teacher, special education, math support....whatever....run these on card stock, cut in half and send home for parents to complete and return to school.  Make one hole punch in the corner and hang them on a ring by your phone...and voila....any parent at your fingertips!

Get it {HERE}!

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Beginning of the Year Bundle Bonanza

Here's to "The Best of Mrs. Jones' Teacher Files"! Tonight I have created and uploaded my first official teacher stuff bundle...and I think you're going to like it. It's an 80 pages bundle of  B.O.Y. teacher goodness including a 10 page information packed, common core aligned Class Handbook for Parents {to be given out at Back to School Night, a Back to School Night PowerPoint, and more. Here's what's inside:

*10-page Class Handbook for Parents (in parent-friendly language)
*13-slide Back to School Night Powerpoint
*124 Center Signs
*30 Mini lessons for Launching Readers Workshop (K-2)
*58 Item “Before the Year Starts” To Do List
*Problem Solving Framework Poster
*Home Reading Log
*Home Reading Parent Directions Letter
*Home Reading Givens
*September Homework Calendar
*September Newsletter
*September Book Order Letter
*Homework Calendar Template
*Lunch Plans Letter
*You’re Invited to Meet Your Teacher Letter
*Morning Meeting Poster
*My Thinking (Time-Out) Reflection Sheet
*Parent Volunteer Interest Survey
*Student/Parent Contact Information Card
*Student Name/Number Labels
*Using Slates (Whiteboards) Poster
*Website Information Card
*Welcome to Any Grade Information Letter
*Plus, 10 of my Hello fonts

For years, my teacher friends have been telling me "You should be selling your stuff on Teachers Pay Teachers" and I've got to say, I think I'm finally hooked.  I hope you enjoy everything I've packed in there and I will continue to add to it, so if you buy it today, you will be notified when I add more.  You can check it out in my TpT store the following link.

Journal Cover Freebie 

Through the Year Journal Covers {download for free here}

Thanks! Jen Jones

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Summer Update, Common Core & More

The Jones Family in Key West...this year David's ALE (Association of Leadership Educators) conference was in Key West, Florida.  We had never been there before and we had a great time.  We decided to take a  family photo near Sunset Pier where "our yacht" just happened to be docked...;-) I wish! Anyway, our trip was not complete without several night visits to see the Catman...what a character! 

After Key West, we headed out to St. Louis for my brother's wedding reception.  It was great to see my so many family members, both my side and Becky's side.  Here's a photo of my mom and I at the reception...she is my all time creative design inspiration!!! I just love her to pieces!!!

Now, onto school and work updates....as many of you know, I teach at a year-round school so our 3-week summer break (track-out) is rapidly coming to a close...although I do have to be at school all day tomorrow to present bits and pieces of the New to Lake Myra Staff Orientation, Friday is my last day before I must officially start back to work on Monday.  Like many many schools, we are rolling out the Common Core this year. Last winter and spring, much of our staff development, in both math and ELA, focused on understanding the shifts and thinking behind the Common Core documents. Below you will find the ppt and digital handouts I created and used during the ELA staff development. 

And here is the digital hyperlinked handout/agenda, that I also created and used to present more details about the Common Core roll-out for ELA to the Lake Myra staff. I have been told that this document is very helpful and should be shared, so here it is.  I also heard from many staff members that they appreciated the paper-free zone of this meeting and the ease of accessing it in their Inbox whenever they wanted to go back and refer to it later....vs. "those lost handouts..."

{Download the hyper-linked handout here}

HERE is also one more CCSS resource document that you might find helpful,
 shared with me by a good friend and staff developer in California, also a state adopting the CCSS. 

 In addition, we are rolling out Writing Workshop (supported by staff development and a grade level writing coach...one per grade level...in a Coach the Coaches model).  We will continue on with Marzano's High Yield Strategies, Classroom Walkthroughs and adding a new vocabulary layer this year with a school-wide focus on Tier 2 vocabulary words from novels in the read-aloud titles in the lexile stretch bands.  I will share these documents as we create them.  For the most part, we are following C-MAPP (cmapp.wcpss.net) very closely this year with such high accountability at stake. C-MAPP is our district's curriculum management platform with the pacing guides, lessons, curriculum, resources, assessments, etc.  We have also purchased the Common Core Curricular Plans by Lucy Calkins for Reading and Writing and plan to use those as a "nice marriage" with the C-MAPP curriculum for reading and writing.  The district literacy department is also endorsing Daily 5 for  a reading block structure, so although we are not "officially" a Daily 5 school, NOT doing it seems to be more fight than just doing it.  We have always been a Readers Workshop & Guided Reading school, but so so so so many of the district documents we are being provided with, are 'riddled' with Daily 5 resources.  If you have any insight or positive comments to share regarding the transition from Readers Workshop and Guided Reading to Daily 5, I would sure love to hear them.



New Fun & Colorful Background Designs - Revised

Well, this is probably my last post for a few weeks as my school year ended last Friday and I am embarking on two family vacations beginning the day after 4th of July.  Our family is flying first to Key West for a week, riding on the coat tails of my husband's Association of Leadership Educators Conference (we got the amazing deal of round-trip, non-stop flights from Raleigh to Ft. Lauderdale for $130 so we're taking the whole family).  Then we turn around and head to St. Louis for my brother's wedding reception (they got married last week in Jamaica)...so I will be taking a blogging and TpTing break for a couple weeks.  I apologize to everyone that is waiting for the Rainbow words packet, that is the first thing on my TO DO list when I return.  Here is a preview of the Fun Colorful Background Designs....check them out in my TpT store {{HERE}}.

Also added today is a set of 40 fun line designs to be used as page backgrounds.  There are 4 different backgrounds in 10 different colors...all at the low price of just $2.00.  Check them out in my TpT store:

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Pinterest in Education

Pinterest SlideShare
View more PowerPoint from Kristie Johnson

A shout-out to Kristie Johnson who created a slideshow about Pinterest in Education (specifically digital technology) and uploaded it to Slideshare. She gave me a shout-out on page 14 and I just wanted to thank her for that...Pinterest is just one of those mindless things I enjoy doing to relax.  
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