NEW: 60 Hello Literacy Fluency Passages {All Lexile Leveled}

I'm super excited to announce my newest reading creation....and this has taken me months!  At first, I wanted to write some fluency passages for my students that were interesting and favorite ones are "Bailey Loves One Direction" and "Almost Everyone Has a Cell Phone"....but ya'll, I have written 60 one-page passages with and without word counts AND leveled them all according to the Lexile Framework for Reading.  I have correlated the passages to each grade band (1st through 5th) so if you have students reading below grade level, you can find the right passage that's at thier just-right instructional reading level.  As part of our SIP plan this year, an action stop is also to create fluency centers into our daily instruction.  I do it for 10 minutes a day with 5 rotations, 5 groups, 5 days a week.  The fluency stations are:

Say It Like You Mean It! 
(opinion oral reading & recording)

One Minute At a Time 
(fluency passages-one minute timings & graphing)

Lights! Camera! Action!
 (reader's theatre emphasizing character voices)

Swoop and Scoop
 (passage phrasing and scooping)

The Poetry Cafe
(oral reading of poems for fluency)

I'm using my new fluency passages in my fluency centers in addition to using them with a couple of students who are receiving phonics interventions.  Did you know that of the four research based best ways to measure reading comprehension (fluency timings, oral retellings, multiple choice questions and cloze) that fluency timings have the highest correlation to  reading comprehension?  Therefore, not only can these passages be used to progress monitoring fluency, but they are best indicator and measure of comprhension as well.  In addition, for students reading at or above level 15/16, yet still needing or receiving phonics interventions, fluency timings of connected text, like these fluency passages, will be able to show growth and help you determine if your interventions is working or not.  

Lots of different fluency graphs are included (for both student and teacher)

Also, if you add it to your Wish List now, you'll be able to grab it on Sunday for TpT's big Super Sunday Sale, for 28% off! That means you'll be able to pick it up on sale for $13.00

Happy Reading! - Jen
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Khrys said...

I looooove your new product!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I can't wait to grab it on sale! I'd love for you to link up with my "Super Bowl Sunday Sale" linky party and share your always fabulous products :) can't wait to check out those fluency passages!


Jennifer Reck said...

I'm speechless...Which doesn't happen very often. I can hardly wait until Sunday! This looks like an amazing packet!
Owl Things First

Literacy and Trade Books said...

This is on my list for Sunday!!! Thank you for all that you do ;0)

Shannon said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for the fluency packet I purchased during the saled! Quick question do you have a fluency packet for grades 6-8?

Shannon said...

I wonder if you have a fluency packet for grades 6-8?

Shannon said...

Any chance for a packet like this for 6-8 grades??? :)

Jennifer Jones said...

Hi Shannon!
A 6-8 packet is in the works. I'm hoping there a need for it at this level, too. Please tell me there is...

Anonymous said...

Can you give more details about your fluency stations? I love the sound of them, and I just bought your fluency packet. Thanks!

Jennifer Jones said...

Awesome, thank you! I'm actually working on packaging my fluency stations into an item for TpT with Station signs, (free) poems for fluency, with some some free and some paid items to get Fluency Stations up and running in your room.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait...thanks!

Kathy Regan said...

Your fluency passages look great! Do you just write and then figure out where the level falls, or start with a word list and build a story from there? I am trying to do this for my 2nd graders and I'd love your input.


Jennifer Jones said...

Hi! I wrote the stories first with kid-friendly topics in mind, then used the Lexile Analyzer at to find the lexile level of each passage. Good luck!
Jen ❤

Mrs. Smith said...

Yes! I would love to have fluency passages for 6-8th grades for my students who read way above grade level! Thank you for sharing your experience and expertise.

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