Three Cheers to an Awesome Parent Volunteer!

This post is dedicated to the best parent volunteer EVER...Barbara Saia (with Melissa Burnham, a very close second, and Margaret Slade and how do I even begin to rate or rank them...I LOVE LOVE LOVE parent I would never want to hurt any of their feelings...)

Twenty years ago, in my first first grade classroom, Barbara's daughter, Natellie, was a first grader in my class and Barbara was THE BEST PARENT VOLUNTEER EVER! You know the ones that help with everything, buy everything, donate everything, make and copy everything, bake and sew everything,  volunteer hours upon hours each week and never stop coming, and always do WHATEVER it takes, including throwing you a baby shower, and then you become friends after their child moves onto 2nd grade!?!?!?.....Well, Natellie has now graduated from college and landed an amazing job as a designer for the retail store, Anthropologie, in San naturally I couldn't be more proud of Natellie!  So I guess in a way, this post is my way of giving back to Barbara, as a way to say THANK YOU...(are there really enough thank yous?), although it is minute in comparison to all the things she did for me that year and beyond.   That year I taught at Del Mar Elementary in Morro Bay, CA, just up the coast from San Luis Obispo, where I went to college at Cal Poly SLO, and again, just up the road from Santa Barbara, where I'm originally from and grew up.

So here's where I need your help...

Barb is running for SLO Ambassador, she wins by votes!  Simply go this link and scroll down to Barb's video and check the VOTE box.  That's it....if you she could get a couple thousand votes from the faithful Hello Literacy followers...we could really show her some old fashioned Hello Literacy LOVE!!!!

Thank You! -Jen


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Happy Go Barb said...

THANK YOU Jen! Your love of teaching and enthusiasm for life made me want to help. Thank you friends of Hello Literacy for voting :) I appreciate it!

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