Hello Literacy Blog Hits Two Million Pageviews...WoWzA! More Than Just GOOD Friday Sale!

Who would have thought, two years ago when I started this blog that it would have ever reached two million hits? I am shocked! I never expected it to have the reach it does.... I never really know the impact this blog has on teachers except for the teachers that email and tell me what a difference this blog has made in their teaching and most recently, the number of teachers that came up to me after my presentations at NCRA this year. I was truly honored to be selected this year as an Institute speaker, and am truly humbled to share the conference program page with spelling guru, Richard Gentry.  Also, if you missed my Common Core presentation at NCRA this year, I will be presenting later in the year at a Saturday session of the Raleigh's local reading association chapter meeting.

 So, for all of you, I will continue blogging about best practices in 21st century literacy instruction in (hopefully almost always) teacher friendly language.   I was star-struck a couple weeks ago while at the NCRA conference getting to have dinner with the famous educator, author and TpT Best Seller, Laura Candler....just her and I, sitting and chatting over pizza at the Mellow Mushroom, here is Raleigh, three hours of uninterupted teacher talk...pure teacher bliss. She is an extremely smart and humble woman and I admire her tremendously.

 I also learned that she is the president of the North Carolina Elementary Educator's Association...who even knew there was such a group??? Anyway, the annual conference this year is in Greensboro, October 20-22, 2013.  If you have a great best practice you use in your classroom, are an instructional leader in or out of your classroom, are looking for a way to "tell your teacher story", or have always considered presenting, but don't have much experience presenting and what to try it out,  this conference would be the perfect time to start.  Here is the link to the presenter application which is due by April 7th, 2013...so it's not too late!

Now! In honor of all the GOOD today and everyday, I'm putting everything in my TpT store on Sale now until Sunday 3/31.  So, here's your chance to clean out your WishList and your Cart and fill up on all those goodies you've been wanting, including my Common Core Reading bundle, that THANKS TO YOU, went straight to #1 on TpT last week!!!  Talk about a major shocker!!! I was stunned and thrilled Monday morning when I saw that, but it's all thanks to YOU!!!  Anyway, head on over there and don't miss out!

Happy GOOD Friday and everyday that ends in Y!!! ~Jen



Shannon said...

Congrats!! What an honor to be speaking/presenting along with Richard Gentry and to have spent time with Laura Candler! :)

I'm hoping to learn lots from you if I end up teaching 6th grade reading next year!


Katelin Lill said...

Jen, Congrats on 2 million views! That seems crazy to me as I am just starting my blog and TpT store. You are truly someone I can see myself modeling my classroom literacy after! Thanks for all of your help this past quarter! I am looking forward to 4th quarter and have already started planning! :)


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