Memorial Weekend S-A-L-E Begins Today...Shop Now for Next Year!

Are you done teaching for the year, already thinking about next year and itchin' to go shopping?

In honor of my sweet friends, Nicole Roberts Shelby, Jamie RectorKristal Plott, Gina SzczodrowskiDeedee Wills, and Ashleigh Swinford, who are in this boat...or any of my sweet friends who are still teaching, you know who you are, or if you're like me and teach year-round and have another five weeks...this sale is for YOU!


...and if you're online...let's C-O-N-N-E-C-T...
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Nicole Shelby said...

Yes, now I have a reason to shop! Thank you so much!

Lisa Mattes said...

You crack me up, Jen!!! And YES, I'm ALWAYS in the mood to shop. :)

Katie Orr said...

Yeah! I love sales!!!

Mind Sparks

Laura said...

Time to shop! Love your blog!

Tania said...

Year round (especially track four) does not sound so good right now. The track one peeps are all excited and I am drraaaaggging:)
My Second Sense

icesk8abc said...

I went to look again at your font license and was delighted to find it on sale today. Thank you for all your great resources!

Happy Summer

Laura said...

Jen-saw your comment on my new blog... I went to Cal poly and teach for Slcusd! Laura

Jennifer Jones said...

Small world, for sure! My best teacher friend in the world is Kathi Zotovich, she is the ELA TOSA. She organized the TCRWP Summer Institute last summer that I came out there for...what small school are you at? I taught at Del Mar and Sinsheimer.

Magic Mistakes and Mayhem said...

I just had to pop over and start following so that I could let you know my kids loved your grammar sort and cheat sheet activity yesterday!

x Serena x
Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

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