Happy Once of the Month & New Hello Fonts Release!

10 New Hello Fonts were added to the collection today. If you already own my a Hello Fonts Commercial License, you can redownload from your My Purchases button in your TpT dashboard.  If you do not own a Hello Fonts Commercial License, it's on sale this weekend so you can catch my latest fun fonts for all your classroom and TpT creations.  As usual, if you just want to use them for personal or non-commercial use, you can download them individually in the right sidebar of this blog.   Two notes about the fonts in this bundle, Hello No Teardrops, is a font simiiar to a familiar handwriting program, and Hello Font Stew is a collection of random letters and numbers I created, which you wouldn't be able to view just from the Preview Download, so I created the page below to give you an idea of each letter/number in the font.

A commercial Hello Font license entitles you to use them in all your commercial products on TpT and Teacher's Notebook.  If you want to use them in your Etsy store or you are not a teacher but a commercial designer, please contact me.  

Purchase Hello Font Commercial License HERE

Happy Reading & Happy Summer! ~Jen

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Special Teacher for Special Kids said...

Yeah so fun! Did you upload them yet? I went to my purchases and don't see a new folder within the download. I know you usually name the folder the new download date.

Thanks for the little cheat sheet too! :)

:o) V.
Special Teacher for Special Kids

Jennifer Jones said...

They're there now. Sorry. :-)

Confessions of a Teaching Junkie said...

Love these! Thanks Jen!
Confessions of a Teaching Junkie

superteacher07 said...

I am always so excited to open my email and see that you have added more fonts! This has been the best TPT purchase that I have made! Thank you so much!!!!

Jill H said...

wahoo Go Jen! So cute - I love them! I'm 4 more days til...- wait, I'm teaching summer Pre K... well at least it's part time :) I definately want time to make some fun stuff with those fonts!!!!

Nancy Wilson said...

So awesome! I'm considering getting your commercial pack it looks great and I want to start populating my empty TN & TpT shops! What about your borders? How does that work? Do you have a separate license?

Katy said...

These new fonts are so cute! I recently purchased the commercial license so I can use them on products for TPT.

I have a technology question that I'm hoping you can help with though...when I save my PowerPoint file as a PNG to flatten it (to protect clipart images), the words turn blurry. Do you know how I can keep this from happening?? Thanks for any tips you can give me!

- Katy

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