New Batch of Hello Fonts...Never Enough, Right?

I just wanted to make sure everyone saw that I had released 20 new fonts yesterday.  I spend a lot of time in airports and on airplanes this summer, so had lots of time to cReAtE some new Hello fonts.

Hello Fonts Terms of Use

My fonts are free for personal and non-commercial use, like to jazz up your classroom forms and newsletters, etc.   If you would like to use them commercially in your TpT or Teacher's Notebook products for sale, the Commercial Use License is for sale at If you are a small business, large business, but are not a teacher, you too, may purchase a Commercial License at the address above, but know that that one license is required per font designer, so say, if you are the Hallmark Corporation and you want to use Hello Fonts in Hallmark greeting cards, and there are 500 greeting card designers in your company, please purchase 500 licenses. In addition, advertising agencies are also welcome to use Hello Fonts on chip bags, freeway billboards, retail banners and internet websites.  You have my permission, even if you aren't a teacher...but it is one license per designer.  Multiple licenses are available at check-out.

Also, at the request of a few, I am in the process of creating a Hello Fonts catalog with all characters/glyphs for each font...coming soon! Also, if you already own the Commercial License, be sure to check your "My Purchases" button to download the latest batch.

Happy Designing! - Jen


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Leanna said...

I absolutely love your fonts & your teaching ideas :) I use your fonts for everything.

(Definitely giggled when I saw 'Hello Yolo')

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