Sync! Sync! Sync!...Lessons Learned from a New mCLASS User!

You may have remembered me telling you that our school was switching over from AIMSweb to mCLASS...(part of the new Testing & Accountability Initiative which is also tied to the new Teacher Evaluation Instrument from North Carolina's Department of Public Instruction...thank you very much) technically, the entire state is going to mCLASS for universal screenings, and if you haven't, you will be soon.  In the process of learning of how use the brower-based scoring on the iPad (which also "comes with it") we began universally screening all Kindergartners last week during staggered entry and all 1st through 5th graders this week in the media center. Here's what we found after completing 96 Kindergartners...none of their data was saved because we didn't SYNC after each child.  Here's what I mean. 

 In the screenshot above, you'll see a VERY SMALL sync symbol, two half circular arrows in the bottom right of the Class List MUST hit this icon AFTER EVERY CHILD or their data will be lost.  If you think it's a pain, it's not as much of a pain as re-doing 96 Kindergarten students x 3 assessments each, AGAIN...which is what the Benchmark Team spent all day doing today!  So, don't forget to SYNC, SYNC, SYNC and tell your teachers to SYNC, SYNC, SYNC. 

Happy Benchmarking! - Jen



Ashley said...

Ugh these MClass assessments are becoming the death of me! I got the first 3 assessments for 2nd grade done in 1.5 weeks. My window closes at the end of next week and I've only gotten 2 kids done on the TRC. Our principal is talking about having programs come in to "entertain" the kids while we do assessments. It is absolutely ridiculous! :(


Brenda Kay said...

Last year I had a glitch in the system and even though I did a SYNC after every student, none of them were saved. 78 Kindergarten students and 65 1st graders had to be re-done. What a pain! Good luck and happy benchmarking/progress monitoring!


Anonymous said...

I've used mCLASS for several years and have never had that problem. We upgraded to IPODS and only sync when we are done with several kids. I feel your pain though. Testing does not equal happy teachers.

MsAPlusTeacher said...

Thanks for sharing! As of right now I think we're still using AimsWeb but that could change at any minute... last year we were told, here's AimsWeb... so who knows! We collect and manage all our own data so it's good to know of any problems right away!

Good luck,
My Shoe String Life

Pam said...

I lost half of my data for last year's MOY test. I had to retest over half of my class. It was an issue on their end, not mine, which made me awfully mad.

Tania said...

We were told about the sync part on our first meeting. I put a bright sticky note to remind me to sync. 9 kids done 13 to go. Here comes busy work.....I smell it.
My Second Sense

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