Welcoming Kathi to the Blogosphere! & A Special Surprise

I want to officially welcome, my good friend, teacher BFF, and other Hello Two Peas half, Kathi Zotovich, to the wonderful blogosphere...the amazing world, outside school, where we learn and share with other teachers in a virtual online learning community called blogging! You may remember Kathi from several of my previous posts throughout the years....two years ago when she took her first trip to Teacher's College for the Coaching Institute and last summer, when she was instrumental in bringing TCRWP to her small (and my former) school district in California for a Summer Writing Institute and I was fortunate enough to attend.

This week, Kathi packed up her bags and moved in with me for a week for a Jen Jones Hello Literacy Boot Camp! Although I had to work this week (bummer!) we stayed up late each night working and learning all the how-to's, ins and outs, tips and tricks of starting a blog and a TpT store. Here's just a short list of the "tasks" we have accomplished this week (although some minor, very key in increasing efficiency and productivity in blogging and product making.)
  • Set up a Paypal account (and linked it to her TpT store)
  • Set up a membership at TeachersPayTeachers
  • Decided on a name for her blog and set it up through www.blogger.com
  • Set up a Dropbox account 
  • Downloaded Dropbox to her desktop
  • Downloaded Jing by Techsmith 
  • Purchased several sets of clipart for Melonheadz
  • Purchased several sets of digital paper from Moo & Puppy Paper on Etsy
  • Purchased several sets of borders from Mr. Magician & I gave her a few of mine
  • Downloaded several fonts from www.kevinandamanda.com and I gave her a "few" of mine
  • Purchased the Alphabet for her blog header (Lizard Stripes from www.letteringdelights.com)
  • Created the header/banner for her blog
  • Wrote her first blog post "New Beginnings"
  • Created a Follow Me on TpT button
  • Created a Follow Me on Hello Two Peas button
  • Signed up for Bloglovin' and added a "Follow Me on Bloglovin" Gadget to her blog
  • Created her first product - the first one is always free (more on that below)
  • Created a thumbnail cover page for her first product
  • Learned how to resize the cover thumbnail (to get it under 200mb)
  • Wrote her free product description and uploaded her first freebie to TpT
  • Signed up for a Twitter account
  • Signed up for a Google+ account
  • Showed her how to take a screenshot on her phone
  • Replied to comments
  • Followed other bloggers back on Bloglovin'
  • ...and so much more....
 I do believe I've never done so many "blog & TpT think-alouds" as much as I've done this week! But Kathi has truly accomplished soooooo much in five days and I am so proud of her.  We would work at night and I would give her "homework assignments" to do during the day.  Didn't she do good?????  

As much as I have loved writing our phonological awareness curriculum with her, and sharing a store with her, she has been highly motivated and encouraged by so many of you to "give it a go" on her own! Kathi is really a wealth of literacy information and I'm sure you will love reading all about her and how she works with teachers and students every day as an Literacy Coach, Curriculum Writer and Staff Developer, in the San Luis Coastal Unified School District located in San Luis Obispo, California. 

So, stop by her NEW blog at:

And once you're there, don't forget to follow her through Bloglovin'!

Then, hop on over to her TpT store and follow her over there. 

And while you're there download and leave feedback for her first product, a freebie list of online reading resources.

Now, for the surprise.  In honor of Kathi and all new bloggers and TpT sellers out there trying to "start up" this summer, we are putting everything in our Hello Two Peas in a Pod store this weekend.  It would be a great time to stock up on all the monthly phonological awareness unit, or just go for it and purchase the Yearly Bundle of all lessons for the year in one. 


for every teacher out starting a TpT store....

I'm going to put the following blog and TpT "start up" materials and necessitities from my store on sale this weekend, all the things one would need to get going on making products for TeachersPayTeachers.  By the way, I contacted Paul Edelman (founder and owner of TpT) this week and asked him a few "analytic" questions...most amazing is the number of teachers converting their membership to Premium...to become sellers. Guess how many of you are opening storefronts on TpT per month right now? He said "upgrades to premium are around a few hundred per month nowadays."  That's a lot of you!  

So, hop on over to my TpT store at www.hellojenjones.com and pick up the following "start-up" items.

(24 doodle border clipart products total-only two pictured below)

If you would like to your own Jen Jones Boot Camp, my address is.....106 JK Drive, hey that would be fun! Seriously, I (along with several other gifted educators and bloggers) will be presenting a Blogger Boot Camp session this year at the North Carolina Elementary Educators Conference in October in Greensboro. My Carolina Blogger Buddies are Kayla from Primary Junction, Elizabeth Haywood from the blog, Twins, Teaching and Tacos and Laura Candler from Corkboard Connections. 

Also wanted to give everyone a heads-up about a GREAT DEAL...Jodi at Moo and Puppy Paper on Etsy, where she allows small commercial use of all her paper, like in TpT products, with a link to her Etsy store on your Credits page....is having an amazing sale right now for a limited time...50 paper packs for $50...retail value of $175! Now that's a deal!

Ya'll, seriously, thank you for all the bloggie (and TpT) support. This year has truly been amazing!!!! -Jen

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Good-bye Google Reader, HELLO Bloglovin'

The day is right around the corner...do you know what day I'm speaking of? The sad day, July 1, that Google Reader is going bye-bye. That's right, out the window.  What does that mean you say?  Well, in a nutshell, and I'm really not that RSS, Feeds, Bloggy fluent, it means how you get notified when your favorite blogger adds new blog content.  If you were a "follower" of the blog before, new posts would "feed" into Google Reader automatically.  With Google Reader going away, you still want notifications of new content so you have to make a switch, and you need to do it before July 1 because the blogs you currently follow will carry-over, or import once you sign up for your new "reader." There are a few out there, Feedly and Bloglovin' are the two biggies.  Check them both out and see which one suits you, but pick one, for sure, so you won't be left out of the blogosphere!  Personally, I went with Bloglovin'...for the simple reason that the platform just looked plain and simple and easy to read, plus I just like saying the name BLOGLOVIN'...bloglovin', bloglovin', bloglovin'! Can you just hear the love?  Anyway, I've gone ahead and added a Bloglovin' Follow Me button in the right sidebar, but I would encourage you to follow me or re-follow me, so you can get your bloggy serving of bloglovin' from the Hello Literacy menu! Bon Appetit!

Image courtesy of Oliver + S



Summer Solstice Summer Sale!

In honor of Summer Solstice today (the official longest day of the year) I'm putting my entire store on sale, today through Monday. Happy Summer! I hope you're enjoying it!  -Jen


Lake Myra Was Wondering!!!!...Will You Help Us Win An Outdoor Classroom?

Our school, Lake Myra Elementary School, has entered an video contest to win a $20,000 grant and we need your help.  With the money, we want to build an outdoor classroom. Here's the 90 second video we had to create to enter.

Here's how it works and here's what to do.

The Big Lots video contest started today.  That's the contest that could get us up to $20,000 to build an outdoor learning space.  The voting works this way:  each device gets 3 votes per day.  That means each laptop, desktop, iPad, iPod etc., can vote three times per day per machine/device.  Our video is about 3/4 of the way down the page at this link, (thanks for wading through all of these to find ours...the video thumbnail is a picture of a boy's face standing in front of a wall, above the caption Lake Myra Elementary.   If the site says that you have already submitted your three votes for the day, it just means that someone else has already voted on that machine.  Please vote at home and encourage your friends and family to do the same!  

Thank you soooo much!!!

Go HERE to SCROLL, VIEW and VOTE...voting at THIS LINK.

-Jen Jones


1000 Minute Giveaway for 1000 Facebook Followers

Today marks the day the Hello Literacy Facebook page reached 1000 LIKES. YEAH! & WOW!

To say THANK YOU, I am giving away my Best Selling Item in my TpT store for next 1000 minutes (which is appoximately 16 hours).  So, from now and til midnight, my Revised Bloom's Taxonomy Posters are FREE! So grab them today only, and thank you for helping make my Hello Literacy Facebook Page so successful. And if you're not a member of it yet, join HERE and click LIKE. I add research tidpits, useful links and anecdotal stories almost daily...think of it as your daily literacy dose!   

Grab my Bloom's Poster's HERE.

Again, thank you! ~Jen



What to Expect...When Reading to Your Child {Tips for Parents}

When I say the words, "What To Expect When You're Expecting"...what do you think of? The book, right? Me, too!  But did you know there is a What to Expect website, with tons of free, helpful resources for parents with children through age 5.  

Recently, I was asked to be a guest blogger for the site, What to Expect, on the Word of Mom blog. So, as you can imagine, I wrote about something near and dear to my literacy heart...reading to your children.   The guest blog post went live yesterday and you can read it over HERE. 

In addition, I took a short informal poll of the Hello Literacy Facebook readers and asked them to recommend their one all-time favorite picture book. Here's what they had to say:

Download it HERE.

Special thanks to the following Hello Literacy Facebook contributors that made suggestions for the above list of Great Parent Read-Alouds...aren't Hello Literacy Facebook fans the BEST? "Totes!" As my 15 year old daughter would say (Translation: Totes = Totally)

Jennifer Reed
Angela Johnson Flavin
LeeAnn Johnson Moore
Hilary Philpott-Gard
Kim Arnold
Miranda Witchey Walls
Lisa Gray
Kerry Geraghty Keating
Christine Harris
Dondi Hobbs
Wendy Murdock Pagani
Halle Marie
Patrice Yvette Hardy
Reinventing the Wheels
Tamara Fisher Roberts
Phylleri Ball
Kelly Moseley Swartzel
Jennifer Huntsman Smith

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to pass it on to the parents of the students in your classroom.

Happy Reading! ~Jen
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Happy Once of the Month & New Hello Fonts Release!

10 New Hello Fonts were added to the collection today. If you already own my a Hello Fonts Commercial License, you can redownload from your My Purchases button in your TpT dashboard.  If you do not own a Hello Fonts Commercial License, it's on sale this weekend so you can catch my latest fun fonts for all your classroom and TpT creations.  As usual, if you just want to use them for personal or non-commercial use, you can download them individually in the right sidebar of this blog.   Two notes about the fonts in this bundle, Hello No Teardrops, is a font simiiar to a familiar handwriting program, and Hello Font Stew is a collection of random letters and numbers I created, which you wouldn't be able to view just from the Preview Download, so I created the page below to give you an idea of each letter/number in the font.

A commercial Hello Font license entitles you to use them in all your commercial products on TpT and Teacher's Notebook.  If you want to use them in your Etsy store or you are not a teacher but a commercial designer, please contact me.  

Purchase Hello Font Commercial License HERE

Happy Reading & Happy Summer! ~Jen

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