Warming Up for the Winter Olympics in Sochi

I had a wonderful opportunity to present a Critical Thinking workshop in Greenville, NC, yesterday for the Tar River Reading Council and was happy to give away my Winter Fluency Fact Cards to two lucky raffle winners. 

If you can't tell, I'm excited about the Olympics coming up and have created two Winter Olympic sets.

*ideal to use at your fluency center*

More Winter Olympic Suggestions...

If you have and use my Picture of the Day product for describing and inferring text, it would be fun to switch up with the pictures during the Winter Olympics using photo galleries from the Olympic and Sochi websites.

Also, stay on top of the events by giving students a copy of the Olympic schedule.

from the Sochi Olympic website homepage
Also, on YouTube, there is a Best of the Winter Olympics video as well as an Olympic Channel

The Sochi Olympic website has several interactive sections for kids, including one about the story of the mascots. There are also free Sochi Olympics apps and other fun stuff worth exploring. Stay tuned for a winter olympic mascot freebie next week. 

Happy Holiday Weekend & Happy Reading! -Jen


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Sara at school said...

Love that Best Of Olympics video - thanks for sharing! And the other links - I was wanting to have my class study the Olympics a bit so I appreciate the suggestions. Sara

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