This Just Happened. But You Can Help.

I saw this post on Pediastaff's Instagram not 15 minutes ago...and I just felt the need to reach out and help...hopefully, you will be moved to help too.  I emailed Heidi at Pediastaff like the most said to do and here is what she said:

"We just found out (like within the past hour) that we are sending a mission group down there from one of our recruiters' home town in Alabama.

We have fourteen volunteers ready to head down there.  They JUST found a church to crash at for a week, so you would be the very first donor!!!  (after PediaStaff, LOL)    They leave in the morning.  

They are taking chain saws (paid for), contractor bags, gloves, bottled water for the community, etc.  They are hauling a trailer.    Your money will go for their transportation and their expenses while there. They are very frugal and they are sleeping on the floor at the First United Methodist church's Christian Life Center on the floor.     Any leftover donations will be donated to the the city.

Here is the link to donate:    "


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Heidi Kay said...

Thanks soooo much for sharing this... Thanks to a generous donation, this cleanup trip is fully funded.. People who want to donate should check this link: We recommend CREATE. Thanks soooo much!!

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