RTI: Progress Monitoring CBM's for Phonemic Awareness Interventions

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If you a Kindergarten or 1st grade teacher, this is the time of year when you begin to notice that some phonemic awareness skills just aren't clicking.  You've now provided to all your students at least 3 months of solid phonemic awareness instruction (which I hope you have, and if you haven't, you need my Phonemic Awareness curriculum, get it HERE). By this time of year, your students should be very fluent in the foundational phonemic awareness skills of identifying the concept of a spoken word. Meaning, when you say a sentence, they should have 1-1 listening correspondence. For the sentence, "I like cold pizza" students should be able to count chips or use their fingers to tell you that there are four words in that sentence.  And, RHYMING is a foundational phonemic awareness skill that you have hammered since the beginning of the school year.  Listening for rhyming words and producing rhyming words when given a word has been practiced with lot of practice and you've been reading lots of rhyming books like the following:

Download this list HERE

Or, you have been reading lots of poems and nursery rhymes like the free ones HERE.  You've probably been doing lots of singing! I hope. Timothy Rasinski says that singing in the classroom is one of the best ways to practice fluency because it's like repeated reading when you can't get the song out of your head. Or, you picked up my Rhyming unit, Feed Me! A Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Feast featuring the book, The Hungry Thing. 

This unit is 100+ pages of phonemic awareness goodness including a group reading activity (RL.10) called Feed Me Rhyming Food Cards...

 a life size poster of A Hungry Thing...


Games & Centers for practicing Onsets & Rimes (word families)...

a 20 page class BIG book...

 lots of group reading activities including Rhyming Bingo...

 and much more. And any of the numerous activities in this rhyming unit would be great and appropriate for both core or intervention instruction. 

You can purchase this unit HERE

However, for some students, these skills are not sticking. Therefore, you have determined to begin providing some phonemic awareness interventions.  As you know, an intervention that is not progress monitored, is just a reading activity.  If it truly called an intervention, then it must be progress monitored...with data.  Progress monitoring is a form of assessment that is quick, easy, and easily duplicatable and matches the same skills and standards that are in the child's curriculum, and that's why these type of RTI assessments are called CBMs, Curriculum Based Measurements, because the assessment matches what students are learning.  They also measure small increments of growth over a week or 10 day period, which is nice, because as you know, students don't always show much growth on a running record in that same time period, which is frustrating, but is the main reason why we don't use running records for progress monitoring, nor are the called CBMs.  Another synonym for CBM is probe or measure.  I have created several sets of CBMs for foundational literacy areas which are available in my store.  Here is a direct link to all my RTI: Progress Monitoring products. 

Now, I have created a new set.  This set measures growth (or progress) in the following five skill areas of Phonemic Awareness.  Technically, the first four areas are Phonological Awareness and the last measure is Phonemic Awareness.  The two terms are used synonomously as indicated by the International Reading Association, even though phonemic awareness falls under the phonological awareness umbrella.  

There are 25 different probes for each measure, and the probes look something like this. 
For the first four areas, there is only a teacher recording sheet and students produce oral responses. For Beginning Sound Production, students are looking at pictures of things and producing oral responses. 

This pack, like many of my other progress monitoring products is a grade level license.  In most cases, one teacher will buy it, but I give permission for the buyer to share it with the other grade level teachers at your school, in your school. If other grade levels want it, please ask them to purchase one for their grade level.  I want to encourage, praise and make collaboration and RTI easy.  Sharing is easy and it's what helps teachers and students.  

This new PM pack is on sale today and tomorrow.
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And, be on the lookout for another PM pack out in the coming days...I think you're really going to like it! <3


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