If Book Characters Made New Year's Resolutions: Book Response with Chatterpix App

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In keeping with one on my New Year's resolutions...to blog more often, I figured I better get this one up before it's almost January 2nd, and especially because this lesson is in the spirit on New Years.  Happy New Year by the way! 2014 was an incredible year for me, as I hope it was for you, and I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store.  I don't know about you, but I have a pretty good feeling about it! ;-) But, if you're feeling stuck, use 2015 to get unstuck. Make a change and move forward in the direction of your dreams. 

I want to share a fun, free, easy, high yield, high engagement, higher order New Year's Resolution activity with you...something that your any grader could do after reading a book or listening to a book.  This tech-infused book response activity features the free iTunes app, Chatterpix. Chatterpix can make anything talk.  

-it's free
-no account needed
-can be started and finished in 5 minutes
-make ANYTHING talk...a book character, fruit, a chair, whatever

It's this easy:
1. Take a picture
2. Draw a line for the mouth
3. Record your voice

This app works well when teaching the skill of Point of View (RL.6, RIT.6) because the voice creator must speak from the point of view of the object or person in the picture. 

Once the Chatterpix is done, it's saved in your Camera Roll.  I chose to upload it to YouTube, but you could upload it your class blog, or class Pinterest board...very similiar to the way Lake Myra Elementary uses Pinterest boards to showcase student technology projects.  

Here's one more I made for fun...using a banana on a fruit platter

The most ideal picture books to use with a book response activity like this are picture books with strong characters who learn a lesson by the end of the story.  For a student to articulate a character's New Year's Resolution, the reader must not only identify what the character learned or how the character changed, or came to realize what they learned, but the reader must put themselves in the shoes (or voice) of the book character to articulate a New Year's Resolution to reflects how they will act or behave different from now on.   

Books with strong characters are:
Amazing Grace
The Paperbag Princess
Where the Wild Things Are
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Enemy Pie
The Recess Queen
Froggy books
Patricia Polacco books
William Steig books
Kevin Henkes books

Happy New Year!



Teaching Eternity said...

Oh wow! What an awesome idea - I love the idea of using to have book characters make New Year's resolutions!
Thanks for sharing

Mrs. W said...

I am SO using this app for our biography book reports! This is exactly what I have been looking for to use. Thanks so much. Happy New Year!

Sandy said...

Love this idea. I have used this crazy app with my granddaughters and we rolled on the floor with laughter. This is a great idea to get the new year going in my 3rd grade class.

Mary Dressel said...

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing. Downloading the app now to play around with:)

4th Works

Kathy said...

Definitely going to try out Chatterpix. The talking banana is too cute!

THANKS for sharing!

Rene Machjewski said...

how awesome is this??!!!! I've never heard of it. Headed to check it out now. Thanks...and have a great year!


Thomas Watson said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I really enjoyed reading your article. Happy New Year!

Linda said...

Jen this is a brilliant idea! We'll be writing resolutions and working with the Alexander book our first week back in January and this is just too perfect! I have a tech savvy parent coming that week and she will love helping with this! Thank you Jen, for not only sharing such fun, highly engaging, and higher order thinking ideas but also for always including a little "teaching for the teacher". I always learn so much from you!

Kathleen Wright said...

Oh, Jen, thanks so much for this tip. I made four chatterboxes just from around the house this afternoon. How do you spell procrastination- c-h-a-t-t-e-r-b-o-x. But it is so fun and easy. My grown children think I've lost my mind. I'll actually work on some for my students later. I thought I was doing well making gifs and fonts, but now I've added another techie gadget. whoot. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

Monica Roland said...

I'm glad I stopped by your blog today, such a fun activity! Thanks for sharing! I am going to download the Chatterpix app now. It looks really easy to use, and a lot of fun.

Mrs. D said...

This is such a fun idea and a wonderful way to make books come alive. I will have to check out this app and share it with my teams who have iPads. On an unrelated note, I attended your TPT session this summer and I had the joy of putting your advice to good use the other day with a customer who had a request. Thanks for helping change the way I teach and TPT!

Mrs. D
The Third Wheel

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