Multiple-Choice & Written Comprehension Assessments for F&P Benchmark Assessment System Kit 1, Level A-N

It's been six months in the making, but the multiple-choice assessments that correspond to the Fountas & Pinnell (F&P) Benchmark Assessment System (BAS) Kit 1 are now complete. (Assessments for Kit 2 were completed about 6 months ago, and are for sale here). Kit 1 is a green box if you have the 1st edition and a white-ish with green lettering box if you have the 2nd edition.  It doesn't matter if you have the 1st edition or the 2nd edition, the fiction and nonfiction book titles are the same. Kit 1 titles are listed below.

 I have created a multiple-choice assessment for every book in the kit, in addition to a corresponding answer key, question-objective correlation and an easy scoring guide per assessment.  I have created an additional (optional) Written Comprehension Assessment for each title, levels F-N.  These are written comprehension assessments match the same format as the written comprehension assessments in mCLASS. Answer keys and scoring rubric provided for each assessment.  Take a look at some assessment samples below.

PLEASE NOTE: These assessments will only be of use to you if you currenly use or have access to the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System, sold separately here

As a reading teacher, I created these assessments, as yet another way to get comprehension information out of students.  Some students, no matter what age they are, have difficulty speaking orally, and some students don't test well when an oral retelling is the only option for demonstrating comprehension.  Use these assessments as your own discretion. As stated in the directions, teachers may read test questions to children in the lower levels. As student's become better readers, they may become more capable at reading the test questions on their own, but that is up to you.  Once you purchase the product, it is yours. There are no "rules" for administration and scoring, only suggestions and recommendations for administration and scoring.  You know your kids best!

You'll want to be sure and click on, and download the Preview File.  Not only does it include directions for administration and scoring, it includes two actual assessments on the last six pages of the preview. I encourage you to print the preview and try using these assessments with some of your students before purchasing.  If you have any questions, you may ask them on the Q&A tab of my TpT store,



Positively Learning said...

Whoa. This. Is. AMAZING!
After years, my school just switched from F&P to STEP (UChicago). However, as a special educator, I want to be able to assess my students more often (small increments represented by F&P) and can still use the Benchmark. These additional resources you created will provide even more info - thank you so much! Jen

Christina Marie said...

This is awesome! I can totally use these with my kiddos!

Hidden said...

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