Ron Clark Academy Take-Aways

We went, we learned, we laughed, we wrote, we danced, we sang, we ate, we jumped, we slid, we conversed, we, tweeted, we instagrammed, we rallied, we smiled, we loved, we lived, we shopped, we dined, we valeted, we slept, we played, we caffeinated, we periscoped, we hugged, we cried and then...
we came home and blogged about it!

There were so many amazing highlights from our trip to Atlanta to visit the Ron Clark Academy, it's nearly impossible to try and capture them all. But, I'm going to pictures. For our two day visit on October 15-16, 2015, there were 125 students, 22 RCA staff and 411 teacher visitors.


And, greeted in front of the school each morning by Mr. Ron Clark himself, who is a master group selfie taker! #themanofmanyfaces


Yep. Life-changing. Teacher-changing. 
If you have a will to go, find a way....

and GO!

All Educator Trainings are HERE



April said...

I have no idea what this place is... where it is.... or anything about it except that I want to go. Those pictures alone make me so excited!

Lindsay said...

I'm so jealous. What a dream come true! My hope is to visit RCA in the next few years. Also - I love your "IS, WANTS, BELIEVES" chart for Mr. Clark. :)

Primary Polka Dots

Kimberly Brown said...

Love this post. Love this school! I have been wondering about something for awhile and can not find a clear answer. I hope you can help since you've been to RCA. Obviously the classrooms are very different at RCA. As elementary teachers we are accustomed to classroom libraries, student materials out and ready, student work displayed, charts/resources hanging to create "walls that teach" and other "typical" classroom arrangements. I don't observe any of this at RCA. While I know it's a middle school, surely their students use books and materials to learn. I feel certain there is an intentional purpose behind this decision in their classrooms. Do you know? I hope you can help. I would love to go to RCA myself, but until then...thank you so much for this beautiful post!

Katie Sather said...

This looks so incredible! From the moment I became an education student in my undergrad studies, I knew who Ron Clark was, and became instantly driven by his energy and enthusiasm for learning. I would LOVE to attend the training, hopefully one day! Thanks for all the photos and the great post!

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