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Are you needing a literacy refresh? Or never got a solid literacy training in the first place? I created HelloLitCon for teachers, literacy coaches, principals, librarians, and beginning teachers hungry for fresh, practical, progressive literacy PD aligned to 21st century skills, tools and mindsets.  I train schools and districts all over the country in best practices for structured Guided Reading, Reading Assessments, Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop, Higher Level Thinking, Vocabulary Development and the Reading Standards. If you aren't lucky enough to be in one of those schools or districts, there really isn't anywhere else you can go for Hello Literacy PD...until NOW! Click here to see what it is like! 

Get your lit together™️ 

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Upcoming Events

  • Jamboard Jamboree
    Mon, Aug 02
    Aug 02, 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM
    This Advanced Jamboard design workshop with Jen and Joe will not only leave you creating bright and eye-catching Jamboards but incorporating curriculum design and content area into your digital design lesson planning.
  • Hello Writer's Workshop
    Aug 04, 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM EDT
    **VIRTUAL** Learn about the different aspects of Writer’s Workshop, which is an instructional framework for skill & strategy based writing instruction honoring teacher and student voice and topic choice. Writer’s Workshop is not telling student WHAT to write, it’s teaching students HOW to write.
  • Nonfiction Lit Lab
    Fri, Jul 30
    Jul 30, 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM EDT
    Content area instruction isn't just about the content. For example, in Science, we must teach students how to read and write like scientists. This workshop will support teachers in helping their students read and write nonfiction with accuracy and fluency for deeper comprehension.

So, what is HelloLitCon?

interested in a PD mini series?

Click here to find out more information on Jen's mini PD series, PB&J--Picture Books with Jen!