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Your classroom.

Your students.

The professional development you need.


At, we believe teachers know what’s best for their students. Our site, used by educators at over 76% of US public schools, empowers you to bring the resources you need into your classroom.

Join the community of fellow teachers going above and beyond for their students at


What is is a nonprofit website that engages the public in public schools. Teachers from every corner of America create classroom project requests that are fulfilled by generous citizen donors as well as corporations and foundations that want to support our nation’s students.

Do teachers like me use it?


Yes! Teachers in every state, grade level, and subject area use our site. They work in communities of every size and with every level of economic need. If you are an educator at a public or public charter school, are employed full-time by the school or district, and work directly with students at least 75% of the time, you are eligible to post projects.

Quick Stats

70% Of teachers get funded

+398,000 Teachers with projects funded

+1,054,000 Projects funded

+$620M Raised

+26M Students supported

+76,000Schools participating


What can I ask for?


From pencils to 3D printers, you can request what you need to enrich your students’ experience at school. Sports equipment? Musical instruments? Professional development? We can help with those too. If you can imagine it, you can post a classroom project request for it.

How long does it take?

How do I get my resources?


The average project request takes about 14 minutes to create and submit. Once your project is funded, we purchase all the resources for you and ship them directly to your school, providing you and your school or district with complete transparency and accountability throughout the process.

What kind of support will I get?


You’re never alone! We raise over half of the funds available on our site, and we’re always here to answer your questions through our help center. Let’s work together to get those resources for your students!

Looking to fund your next professional development experience?


We're excited to be able to help teachers request materials and resources for their own professional development.  It’s another way we’re hoping to help teachers and students nationwide!

To get started, go to Then, click ‘Get started’ and select ‘Professional Development’ when you create a project. You are now on your way!


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