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This professional development video recording will teach you how to deliver Systematic, Sequential, Structured, Small Group Phonics Instruction


By purchasing this PD, you will have 60 days to view the recording upon enrollment into the course.


A new Hello Literacy PD with the science of reading research in mind. Do you want or need to group your students by phonics skill, not reading level? Jen Jones will walk you through the components of small group guided + structured phonics instruction, including skill based phonemic awareness.


In this 6-hour PD, teachers will grow their knowledge in the following shifts in literacy instruction through the lens of small group guided phonics based using a structured literacy lesson template she created using the essential structures of small group phonics instruction:



  • Theoretical Models of the Science of Reading 
  • Phonics terminology to increase teacher knowledge

  • Hello Literacy Scope & Phonics Sequence, developed by Jen

  • Orientation to the 3-day group phonics lesson cycle

  • Administering the Hello Quick Phonics Placement Assessment to group students by phonics skill

  • Phonological awareness vs. phonemic awareness

  • Phonemic Awareness with and without letters

  • General phonemic awareness vs. targeted phonemic awareness

  • Shifting from sight word walls to using sound knowledge to decode and encode 

  • Orthographic mapping as a mental process for Sound-Symbol Mapping as a hands-on process

  • Sound Decks for mimicking decoding & encoding drill review of past skills taught

  • Explicit & sequential instruction of new phonics skills from simple to complex

  • Decoding Practice of new phonics skill

  • Spelling Dictation (Encoding Practice) of new phonics skill: At the Sound, Word, HFW, & Sentence Levels

  • Use of Hello Decodable Books, developed by Jen & 100% aligned to her Hello Scope & Skill Sequence, to practice reading the new phonics skill in connected, controlled text, aligned to the scope & sequence so the book only contains words & phonics patterns previously taught.

  • Continued phonics practice through games & activities like Vowel Ladders, Word Chains, Making Words, Word Sorts, Bridges & Circles, Bingo & Connect Four.


*If you currently use The Secret Stories® in your classroom, this PD will show you where you can incorporate the teaching and practice of those phonogram letter behaviors & stories BUT this PD does not require that you have them and assumes that most classrooms do not.


What you'll receive: 

  • 60-day Access to the PD Recording

  • Hello Literacy ®Scope & Sequence Overview with skills per group

  • Detailed Scope & Sequence with HFWs and phonics skills per group

  • Hello Literacy® Quick Phonics Placement Assessment

  • ONE Pink Hello Decodable Book (digital pdf, printing & assembly required)

  • ONE complete Hello Phonics Lesson Plan for one book (each book is a 3-day cycle) + all phonics activities that correspond with that one book

  • PD Certificate of Completion for 6 hours of Science of Reading training


This PD is ideal for teachers with students reading at the K-2 reading levels. Either K-2 students or any student not decoding accurately & automatically.


There are no prerequisites for this course. IF you have been OG or LETRS trained (which in not required for this course) this PD will help you APPLY your OG & LETRS knowledge and you'll learn how to use it for the best structured literacy lessons in small groups.


"LIT KIT" Materials List:

  • whiteboard/pen/eraser

  • chips/cubes/glass pieces

  • fidget popper

  • sticky notes/flair pens

  • highlighter pens (a set of 5 colors)*


Not Included: 

20 Pink Decodables

60 Pink Lessons w/ Phonics Activities


Testimonials from those who attended live:

"Jen's Phonics PD was absolutely mind-blowing! You have relit a fire in me and I am so incredibly excited to start implementing these new strategies in my classroom. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into researching this new mind shift in reading. You took all the research and put it into laymen's terms for us teachers and created materials to us to start implementing into our classrooms! You are such an incredible asset to the teaching community and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from you."


"Jen is so real and knows what it's like in the classroom."


"I'm so thankful for up to date PD from Hello Literacy. It was just what I needed to start the switch to more phonics based reading instruction. I use so many Jen Jones things in my classroom."


"Jen is very knowledgeable and engaging. The PD had activities that I can use right away…and I love all the included resources! I needed more practical information on how to use the science of reading background I have received from LETRS and OG trainings…..and this definitely filled that need."


"Jen is so knowledgeable! This was a valuable PD that I felt was worth every minute of my time. I can't wait to implement her strategies in the classrooms I support!"


"Thank you for an amazing training! I have finally gotten the chance to watch the recording- it was AWESOME. Your resources are game changing. Thanks for always being our mentor."


"I loved this PD. As usual, you have really thought carefully about your PD and resources. I know that you have been thinking long and hard about the "Science of Reading" and the reading wars. This PD was perfect!! You bridged everything perfectly as usual. Just wanted you to hear it." 


"What a truly insightful and instructional course! in my 34th year of teaching I have decided that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Thank you so much for sharing your years of study and research to help others be the best teachers possible!"


"This was such a wonderful PD. You are amazing and continue to give such inspiration. Thank you for encouraging us. I was just thinking how your honesty and openness about how we must be critical and aware of the newest research. It's how much you are loved and respected-because of that."




For questions, email



Hello Phonics: Systematic, Structured Group Phonics Skill Instruction

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