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What is Jen's ideal daily schedule for your classroom? Find out here!!


Throughout the day, Jen will disccus low prep, high yield strategies to implement balanced literacy instruction. By using her ideal schedule for a K-2 classroom as a framework, Jen will refresh you and hit the high points on what a day in a classroom at Jen Jones Elementary would look like!


Preparing students for the 21st century means giving K-2 students a solid foundation of early literacy instruction and chunks of time for them to practice and learn phonemic awareness, phonics, reading, writing, vocabulary and language. In Kindergarten, students begin their formal education, the first year of school where teachers build on the vocabulary, language, cognitive and social development that parents have nurtured since birth through home experiences such as reading books and being read to, talking with their children, and taking them places in the world, and holding their hand as they learn enough independence to leave the nest for the day and be with you. Parents entrust their world to us each and every day, and it is the job and responsibility to love, nurture, care for, smile at, pour into, reassure, and teach students how to read and write and be kind to one another. K-2 teaching involves providing a print-rich, language-rich, speaking-rich environment where students have volumes of opportunities to have positive interactions with books, letters, sounds, songs, peers, tools, manipulatives, and more. We teach all of these through academic structures of cooperation, collaboration and communication, so students have the maximum amount of practice, success & failure opportunities to become problem-solvers, strategic and proficient readers and writers and independent and confident students/adults.  Throughout the day, Jen will present a variety of low-prep/high yield instructional strategies that are simple and free to implement, that will leave you feeling confident in your planning and instruction in your K-2 classroom.


An overview of the most important literacy practices for K-2 students will be presented, as well as more student-centered ownership of strategies for reading engagement and reading achievement, use of the most effective strategies for teaching student voice and choice, and authentic audience are also essential elements of the 21st century classroom, especially when it comes to text and topic selection for reading, writing and research. 


Jen speaks on these topics and more, to schools and districts all over the country. She is highly sought-after and teachers in her workshops have said “this was the best professional development we’ve ever had.”  


This course will be most beneficial if you have already attending of Jen's previous trainings and/or watched her free guided reading Facbook PD. www.facebook.com/helloliteracy/videos/


Conference registration includes:

  • Simple and scalable strategies to implement in your classroom right away

  • Free digital files aligned to conference lessons & activities

  • Certificate of Completion for 8 CEU hours  


Conference Supplies to Bring:

  • A vivid fiction picture book 

  • A Big Book (to plan a Shared Reading 5-day lesson format)

  • A read-aloud fiction chapter book 

  • Sticky notes, teacher pens, highlighters

  • Portable White Board, white board pen & eraser/sock, math counters 

  • BYOD: iPad, Chromebook or Smart Phone


HelloLitCon Refresh K-2 Recording