$99 includes the recording (forever access), chat box transcript, 30 Hello Literacy graphic organizers, Hello Literacy student interest survey, PicCollage templates, and more resources from Kami Butterfield and Stacy Bigham.


Learning Outcomes:

K-5 Learning Outcomes: Teaching Reading with PicCollage (am)

•How to Use PicCollage

•How to Use PicCollage in SeeSaw

•Games to Play in PicCollage

•PicCollage Scoots

•Vocabulary Games with PicCollage

•Reading Response with Epic & PicCollage

•Using PDF graphic organizers in PicCollage for reading response

•Providing Student Feedback in the Writing Process in SeeSaw

•Adding a PicCollage into SeeSaw with embedded links

•App-smashing PicCollage & Chatterpix


This is a single user purchase. For a group purchase, please contact kelsey@helloliteracy.com

HelloTechCon 2.0: PicCollage Recording