PB&J Summer PD


I'm pleased to offer a new mini PD series this summer called PB&J....Picture Books & Jen. This video PD series will be offered in a live stream format via Zoom, recorded and available for rewatch or purchase after the live event. 16 books on 16 days in June & July 2020. See schedule and title index below. Sign for all 16 with the All Access Bundle or just register individually for the titles in which you are interested. It was very difficult to narrow the list to just 16 titles, but close attention was given to text type, diversity of characters, and grade level. While I believe all books are appropriate for all grades K-8, as the ELA skills and standards spiral K-12, the downloadable table below will be helpful in your planning.  In these two hour PD sessions, I will walk you through the process of unpacking a picture book to find all the teaching points for reading, writing and language skills and standards for grades K-8, so you are better equipped to use picture books not only as read-alouds, but as mentor texts for your reading & writing minilessons.  This PB&J PD is very core to my philosophy as a professional development provider in that it would be easy for me to do all the work for you and tell you all the teaching points, but I believe that growing you as a teacher means not just "giving you the fish, but teaching you how to fish" in hopes that I equip you with the process of finding teaching points in ANY book and/or teaching other teachers how to "fish forward."

If there is a great demand for this series after summer, I will consider more PB&J series' moving forward.

My intention is to make this virtual PD low cost, accessible after the live event and accessible to different times zones and countries around the world. I apologize in advance if you are unable to secure a copy of the text.

You can sign up for the All Access Bundle if want all 16 sessions and the recordings or purchase them individually.

As always, you can write a Donor's Choose PD grant for this PD and if you would like to include the texts in your grant, or purchase them in one checkout, I have created an Amazon List with the 18 titles. There are 16 paid sessions, and two free sessions for the titles The Invisible Boy and Rosie's Glasses (a wordless book study).

If you have any questions, please email kelsey@helloliteracy.com 

PB&J: The Invisible Boy

Join me as we unpack The Invisible Boy to look for all the reading, writing, and language standards hidden within this picture book. Learn how to turn your favorite picture book into phenomenal reading and writing mini-lessons.



Register for more live Zooms!

Individual videos: $15

All Access Bundle: $200


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